You Need To Know!

Here at vMix, we believe that the future was yesterday. Web 3 and it's belief that digital currency would rule the day, has come to an end. At vMix, we believe that Web 4.0 will usher in an age where FIAT currency and blockchain based currencies will work hand in hand.

Here's why...

  • Our payment provider stopped accepting Dogecoin
  • There are currently too many scams in the portal.
  • Canine-based currencies have been overplayed. vMix is now all about the future of vegetable themed coins such as Zucchini Bucks and Turnip Tollars

  • Web 4.0's rejection of crypto has made us stand-offish regarding it's future.

Naivety strikes again!

We were all in on the Dogecoin experience, but just got blinded by the hype, hope and heat. Turns out Web 4.0 was the way to go, but we couldn't quite see those possibilities yet.

We are not ones to forget the past, so we have kept this YouTube video as a vessel to remind us of what we believed was possible. Perhaps it will guide us to a brighter future in Web 4.0 as we build on our mistakes

Changing the game and laying the path for Web 4.0

"When the opportunity arose, we just couldn't say no" said Martin Sinclair, vMix CEO. "We really believed that Dogecoin would put the wheels in motion for vMix to be at the forefront of Web 3. It has taken time and a considerable amount of cash, but we now realise Web 4.0 is where vMix needs to be."

The grand opening of the vMix factory will remain as a reminder of simpler times and a belief in something that we thought would change the world as we knew it. The factory only remained open for 14 months and suffered considerable losses to both the bottom line and our belief in humanity.