You Need To Know!

Here at vMix, we believe that the future is now. We envision a future where currency is completely digital and the leading coin is Dogecoin. Leave all of those 'altcoins' behind like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum and join the Dogecoin revolution. How are we contributing? Well, you can now make all of your vMix purchases with Dogecoin via the vMix Shop!

  • Fast, safe and fun. Lightning fast transactions with no bank fees ever again!
  • Cryptocurrency is cool. I know it, you know it, your grandma knows it by now.
  • Convenient for everybody.

  • No more writing cheques, going into banks or carrying around cumbersome credit cards.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Here are 3 very steps to get your vMix experience started with Dogecoin.


Get some Dogecoin

Maybe you're already lucky enough to be on the rocket ship ride to the moon and already have some Dogecoin, but maybe you're not. All you need to do is head to your favourite crypto exchange and purchase some Dogecoin.



Head over to shop.vMix.com and make your purchase using the Dogecoin purchase link!



Congratulations! Not only do you have your own copy of vMix, you've now successfully participated in the best way to buy and sell goods known to man!

Game Changing For The Industry!

"When the opportunity arose, we just couldn't say no" said Martin Sinclair, vMix CEO. "We've been huge fans of Dogecoin since day one and this gives all of our Dogecoin users the opportunity to further the cause". In an industry first, vMix happily started accepting Dogecoin on the 1/4/21 to great fan fare.

The ribbon cutting at the vMix factory was attended by all of the vMix staff Surprisingly half the Gold Coast population also showed up to the event, which was due to the promise of free ice cream. This unfortunately was a rumour and many people left disappointed.